After vaccination care of your dog

As described in a previous post about the common viral agents that cause debilitating diseases in dogs, the vaccination of your dog or new puppy is essential to protecting them from these diseases. Most of the time your dog will not need any special care after their vaccination and they will continue with their day as though nothing happened at all. However, a small percentage of dogs will have a mild reaction to the vaccination and seem a little down with a slight loss of appetite for a couple of days afterward and then be back to normal. This is the most common reaction to being vaccinated and is considered a normal response.

If your puppy or dog does display these symptoms, the best way to look after them is as follows:

  • Provide your dog or puppy with a nice, warm and cozy place to lie down and rest (even if they choose to sleep elsewhere on their own.)
  • Make sure that they have water available at all times.
  • Let them have some alone time to rest while still keeping an eye on them and playing with them gently if they want to have some attention.

By following this guide, your puppy or dog will be back to their usual self in no time.

If your puppy does have a reaction that is stronger than this (which does happen much less often) or if they seem down for more than 2 days, then please call your veterinarian who administered the vaccine for advice.