Puppy Training Basics

PUPPY TRAINING BASICSPuppy at his school desk

It is vital to start your puppy’s training from the day you bring your new family member home.  This concept is important as a little bit of discipline at the start will make any training much easier.

The two main forms of dog training are obedience training and behavioural training.

Basic Obedience training.

This is when you train your dog to obey particular commands such as the basic sit, stay, come and heel.  The most important of these are the control commands of sit, stay and come. Training sessions should be short (5 to 10 minutes) to begin with, to prevent your dog from becoming bored. Using these short sessions two or three times a day will get much better results than trying to train your puppy for an hour at once.

If you have a breed that has a high food drive such as a Labradoodle, Groodle, Beagle, Beaglier or Puggle (to name a few), use food as the primary reward to get the maximum attention from your puppy.  Training any breed of dog right before meals with food will help to gain their full attention as well as associating their meal as a reward for the training.

Always make sure that obedience training for your puppy is done in an environment with the least distractions as possible

Basic Behavioral training

This is training to prevent and/or correct bad habits that your puppy develops as they grow into adult dogs as well as bad habits they may already possess. These bad habits may include but limited to jumping, begging, digging, and chewing. The key to this kind of behaviour modification is for all family members to be consistent throughout the training process. If for example, you do not let your puppy jump up on your bed but your partner or children do, then your puppy can become confused and take longer to correct this behaviour. It is also important to exercise your puppy so that they are not exhibiting bad behaviours because they are just over-excited. Giving your puppy plenty of mental stimulation when not training will greatly speed up the time taken to correct their bad behaviours.