Your puppy’s first day home

Bringing your puppy home is definitely exciting and fun but there are some things to think about for your pup’s first exploration of his new home.

What should the first day home be like for a new puppy?Puppy on the painted floor boards

The following guide can be followed by anyone bringing home a new puppy for the first time.

Your puppy has spent the first 8 weeks of his life with his mother and his littermates in a familiar environment and coming into your home will be a massive change in what your puppy is used to. Your puppy’s first few days at home should be as quiet as you can make it given that the whole family will be pretty excited about his arrival. He should be allowed to explore as much of his environment (with supervision) as it is safe to do so and meet his all new family. Talk to your puppy while he explores your home will make your puppy feel more at home and also to begin to get him accustomed to your voice. This is also the best time to begin teaching your puppy his name as he may not have been named yet (many breeders will not name puppies as this helps them to not become attached to a puppy that is destined to leave them).  

Making the adjustment to your home and family

Small puppy playing with a rope

When you first arrive home give your puppy a chance to go toilet in an area you have chosen for him to use and pile on the praise when he does it there. Don’t be surprised that his stools for the first few days are quite soft or even a little runny. This is common and is usually brought about by the stress of the move to his new environment and that as far as he is concerned this has happened to him without the reassuring presence of his mother or littermates. Some breeds can take longer than others to make their new human family their own, but many of the designer breeds such as the Cavoodle, Puggle, Groodle and Labradoodle seem to accept this change very quickly. It also helps that many of these breeds are bred to be companions and often have less interest in solitude.

After your puppy has spent some time checking out his new place, it will be time to give him his first meal. This can become a bit of a competition between the kids who all want to be the first to feed him, so just make sure that you have predetermined who gets this honour to make this a nice and relaxed first meal instead of a group of over-excited kids all trying to get your new puppy to eat from their hands first!!

It is important to ensure that your puppy has plenty of time and opportunity to rest throughout the day, as all the excitement of the day can be overwhelming for the little guy!

Our next post will cover your puppy’s first night at his new home and what you can expect.


3 thoughts on “Your puppy’s first day home

  1. Really helpful thanks! I’m thinking of getting a Cavoodle, they are just too cute! 🙂

  2. We are planning on getting a caboodle as one of my friends has one and it has the best temperemate

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