Dogs eat cannabis and get “stoned” while out walking


A number of dogs have felt the effects of marijuana after eating the contents of a discarded package of cannabis while out for walks in Northwest England.

According  to the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, a package of cannabis was left on a walking track in Manchester, which several dogs consumed. The package was retrieved by Neil Rogers after returning to the track after his dog “Patch” was taken to Veterinary surgeon Dr Lorna Cook, who treated two of the intoxicated dogs. She said that she had not seen anything like that before. “We had two dogs with similar signs in quick succession so we knew there was something suspicious. Both dogs collapsed and had dilated pupils.”

Patch was one of a number of dogs “poisoned” after eating from a package of cannabis left on a popular walking track in greater Manchester. Neil Rogers said that his dog Patch was completely out of it and knew something was wrong when he got home and collapsed and couldn’t do anything. That’s when he realised that Patch must have eaten something and went back to look for what it could have been. When Mr Rogers returned to the track and collected the package he handed it to police. The contents of which were later identified as cannabis.

All the stoned dogs have since fully recovered.

Dog asleep on the floorboards


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