Dog fact – Can dogs see colour?

Do dogs see in black and white?

Dogs can see colour and it is a myth that they can only see in black and white. However their colour spectrum is similar to colour blind people. To get a better idea of the colour range that dogs can see, go outside at dusk or twilight and look around as that is closest to the colours that your dog sees in. They also see better in lower light levels compared to bright sunlight. Most dogs’ eyes will reflect the colour green when a light is shone in their eyes, but some dogs eyes will also reflect orange or red.


2 thoughts on “Dog fact – Can dogs see colour?

  1. Hey HD,
    Any breed can suffer from seizures and other conditions if they are over heated. Make sure you keep your dog cool during the hot weather and have somewhere for them to go if the temperature is expected to be high outside 🙂

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