Ways to dry your dog’s coat

3 Ways to dry your dog’s coat

There are few different methods that can be used to properly dry your dog’s coat, depending on the breed of dog you are working with and more importantly the length and type of coat they have.  These are: The fluff-dry method, the hair drying method, and the towel-dry method.

Fluff drying your dog’s coat

The first and most difficult method to master is the fluff-dry method.  A good quality high-speed floor or stand dryer is used for this procedure.  This method of drying is a very important and crucial step in the show grooming of certain purebred breeds such as the Poodle, Old English Sheepdog, and Maltese, but many designer breeds that have a Poodle parent, such as Labradoodles can be styled using this method.

During fluff drying, the hair is dried but is also straightened as well during the drying process. The warm air from the dryer is directed toward the portion of the coat which is being dried and the hair is brushed with quick even strokes in an upward motion until the hair in that particular area is dry and straight.  This is repeated over the entire coat until it is completely dry and can look to be standing on it’s end depending on the coat type and length.  The results of a fluff dry can determine the overall appearance of the completed grooming job.  Therefore, it is important to learn to give a proper fluff dry if you want to achieve this look yourself at home.  Special attention needs to be given to the areas of the head, ears (long-haired ears), and legs to ensure that they are dried properly. Being such a hard art to master, most owners who want this look for their dogs will usually go to a professional groomer as the time and effort it takes to learn this method is quite large.

Using a hair dryer to dry a dog’s coat

The second method of drying is known as the hair dryer method and is usually used on medium to short-coated dogs or on dogs whose coat does not require a fluffed or straight appearance. This is the fluff drying method on a home scale and is performed in the same way as the fluff drying method with the floor or stand dryer replaced with a hair dryer. Care must be taken when using a hair dryer on your dog so you do not burn your dog’s skin with a high heat and is especially important when drying puppies. With both methods you can towel dry your puppy initially before using any dryer. It is important to make sure that your puppy is placed on a grooming table or another surface.

Towel drying your puppy

Another method of drying that is commonly used in drying short coat breeds such as Beagliers or Puggles is the simple and easy towel drying method.  The coat is rubbed briskly with the towel until it is dry.  This method is most commonly used because many owners prefer no to use a heat source which can burn their puppy and is simple and easy and requires none of the special equipment the other methods require.  However, do not to take the dog outside until their coat and skin are thoroughly dry and always ensure that the ears are free of any excess moisture with any method you choose to use.


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