How to stop dogs jumping up on people

Reasons Dogs Jump Up on People

Sniffing faces is dog’s way of saying hello and since people’s faces are higher than dogs they often jump on people to meet their faces. When our dogs are still puppies, we tolerate such behaviour until they get used to it.

As they grow older, we reinforce this behaviour if we give them the attention they wanted. It is like telling the dogs that we will give them our attention if they jump up on us. Dogs are pretty much like children with that form of learning. They easily learn especially when it comes to getting what they want the quickest and easiest way possible.

A lot of people find it comforting when they look at their dogs and see their dog so happy to see them. This make us feel important and loved as dogs greet us by the door.

Cavoodle puppy with white blaze

Why stop dogs from jumping up on people?

Dog owners of smaller breeds such as Cavoodles and Moodles don’t mind this “jumping up” behaviour as a form of greeting. They often believe that their dogs are small enough not to cause any harm but even small breeds can knock over children and frail people.

There are also visitors that generally don’t like this idea of dogs jumping up on them. However, larger dogs such as Standard Groodles and Labradoodles need to keep all paws on the floor when greeting people since size is directly proportional to the potential injury the dog can cause.

How to stop dogs from jumping up on people?

Stopping our dogs from developing this behaviour should start early. In fact, you should start preventing this behaviour right after you’ve brought the furry little pup home. Train them that if they jump up on you – they’ll be totally ignored.

The puppy will quickly learn that all their paws must be on the floor if they want your attention. If your puppy gets his paws on the floor, gently pat his head and use positive reinforcement like calling him “good boy.”

Do not punish the puppy by making him wait for that pat even when he has brought all his paws on the floor. Otherwise, the puppy will miss the entire point of the exercise. Wait until all paws are on the ground before you play with him or give him your attention.

This kind of approach may also be used as the dog gets older even if the behaviour has already been developed. But, in order to break this habit, you need to be consistent in your discipline.

Another important thing to keep in mind is training your puppy to sit. This can also prevent your dog from jumping up especially when you instill it in his mind that they will only receive your attention if he sits in front of you. A good trick would be to make the dog sit before they get what they want such as attention, toys, treats and walks.

Dogs will quickly learn that the only way for them to get their reward is to sit and not by jumping up on people.

If the dog jumps up the moment you walk on the door – even before you can correct the behaviour, slightly open the door and tell your dog to sit before you totally enter the room. Once the dog sits, reward the dog with a treat.

Consistency with this kind of discipline is the key and it will not be for long before you’ll find your dog sitting as you enter the house instead of jumping up as a form of greeting. If the dog jumps up on people even if he already learned not to do that to you, allow your visitors to do the same training that you have already begun to teach him.


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