How to Keep Your Dog Safe While Alone at Home

How to Keep Your Dog Safe While Alone at Home

It is absolutely disheartening when we look at our dog’s eyes each time we leave him alone at home. It is a modern reality that dogs will be left at home most of the time during the day as most households have both parents working. Some dogs bark out loud, whimper and whine when left alone, which sometimes give us the feeling that we’re heartless to leave them alone. Whether we have a Beaglier or a Puggle, we do need to make our dogs safe while they’re alone at home.

Beaglier puppy

How to Make Sure Your Dog is Safe while alone at Home?

Safe Toys. Leave him with safe toys so he will feel comfortable and be able to deal with the boredom with you away from him. Some of the safe toys you can buy include the following:

  • Rubber toys, which are safe for chewing
  • Synthetic Nyla bones or Kong toys
  • Interactive treat toys, which help in mental stimulation

These toys not only keep your dog deal with boredom but will also stimulate his imagination and reduce any destructive behaviour as well as promote dental health and give you less to worry about while you are not home.


Your home must be dog-proofed each time you leave for work or school. Put away hazardous materials in your home, which will include the following:

·     Sharp utensils

·     Cleaning agents

·     Toxic detergents

·     Sharp aluminum cans

·     Plastic bags

·     Scraps of chicken bones that can choke dogs

·     Glass or breakable dishware

Make sure that the cabinets where you store the cleaning agents are locked. Keep dishes and utensils away from the dogs reach and get garbage cans away from his access.

Check for loose blinds, electrical cords and curtains in the dining area, living room and bedroom. Keep medications out of reach as well as bathroom materials such as personal hygiene products and air fresheners. Keep the toilet seat closed to prevent your dog having access to the toilet water.

If your dog is relatively young, you can choose to crate him while you’re gone or confine him in a safe area using dog barriers or baby gates.

Comfortable and satisfied

It is important that you leave the dog not only safe but comfortable and satisfied. Make sure that his surroundings promote such comfort. Your place must not be either too hot or too cold. Ensure that he has enough fresh, clean water to keep him hydrated throughout the day.

Bear in mind that dogs that are physically comfortable can also be mentally content.

Furthermore, you can add something special to the equation through the use of treats while you’ve left home. Apart from these, you can also leave the TV or radio on to give the dog a sense of artificial company. Find music that has a calming effect – not too noisy since this can over-stimulate the dog.

Finally, make sure that when you arrive home, you give him enough attention and love.

If you have any great ways of entertaining your dog while you are not home please leave a comment and share it with other dog owners.

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