A Bed For Your Groodle

Bedding For Your Groodle

Bedding for your Groodle puppy is very important, as this is where she will be spending quite a bit of time and especially so at night. The ideal bedding for your Groodle should be a natural fibre such as wool, as wool absorbs most moisture and will keep your puppy warm. You no not need the most expensive woollen bedding you can find as Groodles, like all growing pups will have the need to chew. If their need to chew is not meet with some appropriate chew toys or bones, they can chew or tear the blanket in no time at all, which could make an expensive blanket a waste of money.

Black Groodle puppy

A good way to help your puppy adjust

When bringing your Groodle puppy home, she may be a little upset having to leave her mum and the rest of her littermates. The scents and smells that she has come to know and love are gone and they are now being replaced with totally new ones. You can provide a towel for your Groodle to sleep with to help to ease her adjustment a bit. Rub the towel on your puppy while playing earlier in the day to get her own scent on it and then leave the towel in her bed for her to find and cuddle up to at night. Towels are a great tool for Groodle puppies to snuggle up with, which will help them to sleep and relax.

If you are planning to have your Groodle sleep in the bed with you, you must be prepared to get up in the middle of the night and take her to use the area you have designated as her toilet. You should try keep her food and water near her bedding at all times, so that she can get what she needs if hungry or thirsty. Taking her outside for around an hour or so after she has eaten will help avoid any accidental soiling of her bed.

If you plan to leave your Groodle outdoors at night or during the day, you’ll need to provide bedding that is out of the elements and doghouses are great for Groodles who stay outdoors, as it helps to keep them warm and out of bad weather. Inside the doghouse can be lined with whatever material you would like. Straw is loved by Groodles as they can make a bed out of it but can often be messy in the suburban backyard. If you have a large yard and use straw to mulch your garden, the used straw bedding makes a great ground cover around trees. You can use a woollen blanket or quilt inside the dog house, so that your Groodle can wrap herself up in it or under it if she gets cold. Which ever bedding you choose to use be sure that it is either washed regularly (in the case of blankets and towels) or cleaned out and changed often and that she is up to date with flea treatment to prevent the build up of fleas. Making sure that your Groodle has the proper bedding is a great start to a healthy life for your dog.

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4 thoughts on “A Bed For Your Groodle

  1. Hi, nice blog i enjoyed reading your post my dog is not picky he sleeps just beside my bed. Anyway, more power to your blog and have a good day.

    Cathy XoXo

  2. Really great information on these Groodles. We are looking to get a family dog and I really want to show to my parents I can look after him or her!

  3. That’s great William that you doing research into the right breed to fit your family as owing a dog is a long but very worthwhile commitment. Groodles make great family pets.

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