Tips for exercising your dog

Regular exercise benefits your dog

Many owners view exercising their dog as a benefit to them of dog ownership but this benefit goes both ways. Dogs who receive regular exercise will lead not only physically healthier lives but they will also benefit mentally from the stimulation that this exercise will provide. Many of the frustrations of dog owners with dogs they have deemed as having a temperament issue can be resolved with an increased amount of exercise for the dog. Increasing the amount of exercise time your dog receives will result in a calmer dog that is less likely to engage in the annoying behaviours associated with unstimulated dogs such as barking for no real reason and jumping all over people.

Chevromist red wool coat Labradoodle puppy

Red Labradoodle puppy from Chevromist Kennels

Walking you dog

There are different forms of exercise that you can employ to wear out your dog as well as catering to the needs of your dog at different life stages. The cheapest, easiest often most mentally stimulating form of exercise is to simply take your dog for a walk. It does not matter if your dog is a Labradoodle or a Cavoodle, regular walks are a cherished part of the day for dogs that have a walk as part of their routine. Walks provide both the physical outlet to relieve pent up energy but will also allow them to enjoy the sights and smells of a different environment. Walks will also allow your dog to engage in social activity when they come across other dogs being walked and the smells of dogs that have passed through the area will tell them of the activity of other dogs they may never even meet. Walks are available to all dog owners regardless of the size of their homes from those in rural areas to dog owners living in apartments.

Off lead areas

Allowing your dog to exercise off lead will allow them to burn more energy in a shorter period of time with less energy required of you but care should be taken to ensure that your dog can enjoy this privilege safely. Make sure your dog will reliably return when called in a fenced area before allowing your dog free reign off the leash in an unfenced area. Take along some toys for your dog to make the off lead time even more fun for the both of you.

Dog walking services

If you would like to give your dog more exercise than you have time for, a dog walking service or organised play session may be a good option for you, as well as for days when you get too busy to exercise your dog.

If you have a way of making walks even more fun, let us and other dog owners know by leaving a comment below

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