6 ways to keep your dog dandruff-Free

Apricot Cavoodle puppy gazing into the distance

One of the most unwanted but common skin conditions is dandruff and the same is true when we talk about our pet’s skin. It tells us that our pet’s skin is dry, which needs to be corrected if possible. Here are 6 useful ways to keep your pet dandruff-free –

Good Grooming

It is always important to brush your pet’s fur every day not only to maintain a burr-free, shiny and smooth fur but also to equally distribute the natural oil on your pet’s coat as well as keep the skin massaged.
However, be careful on what you use for brushing. It is definitely not recommended to use brushes that are too soft, which will not help – or too stiff – which will aggravate the condition even more. Choose a brush that’s right for your pet’s coat.

Spraying the Coat

Don’t use just any fluid. You can buy special pet oils that come in varying spray bottles. They are available in pet spas or holistic pet stores, which are formulated to treat dry skin and help keep the moisture in the pet’s coat.
Spray the fluid on your dog’s coat away from their eyes to keep dandruff from affecting your pet and pampering him at the same time.

Give Your Pet a Bath

Giving your pet a good bath is extremely useful especially in keeping the dandruff away from your dog’s skin.
Make sure you use shampoos made for dogs that have moisturizing effect and if possible are organic. You can add conditioners to this list, which are formulated specifically to address your pet’s dandruff issues.

Offer Moisturizers

It would be great if you add an organic hand cream to your pet’s grooming products especially one that contains colloidal oatmeal. It can greatly moisturize your pet’s skin thus dealing with dryness. In fact, it can substantially reduce dandruff, as well.
You can just apply the cream directly on the pet’s fur and gently massage it to get it into its skin. Not only will your pet will appreciate the help to relieve the dandruff but also help relax him.

Buy Dandruff Shampoo

There are pet shampoos that are formulated specifically for your pet. Obviously, it is not like the bottle you have in your shower. There are anti-dandruff shampoos for your pet as well especially when the condition is so bad so that the problem can be dealt with quickly. Anti-dandruff shampoos will often contain emu oil and these shampoos are often used as a dandruff preventative.

Give Your Pet a Healthy Diet

Pets need good fat in their diet, which does not mean you should feed him large amounts of bacon. Good fat is necessary to keep his fur and skin supple and smooth all the time. You can either give him high quality, organic pet food or give him vitamin supplements that are formulated just for pets.
These are useful ways that can keep your pet’s skin dandruff-free and keep him healthy and happy all the time.

If you have another way to keep your dog dandruff free please let the rest of the dog owning community know in the comments below

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