The Easiest Way to Potty Train a Puppy

Cream Moodle puppy having a cuddle

Pay Attention.

Yes! Paying attention and watching for signals are some of the easiest ways to potty train your puppy. Ensure your Moodle puppy is in places around the house where you can always see him even if that means closing doors or using baby gates to prevent your puppy from wandering off and going potty in the house. You should quickly scoop up your puppy and move him outside the moment you observe he’s starting to squat or sniffing in circles inside the house.

Puppies will always need to go potty soon after they’ve eaten or drunk something so you should take him out within about ten minutes of eating or drinking. Consult with your breeder or vet on the amount and frequency of your puppy’s feeding habit and be in control of it. You don’t need to give him a full bowl all the time. And when your puppy is outside after eating, just wait and allow him to do what he needs to do.

Consistency and Praise

In situations where you are unavailable for extended periods and can’t watch him as a result, you should think about crate training him. Crate-trained puppies finally begin appreciating the security and safety of their crate like the dens of their ancestors though it may initially feel like imprisonment.

The crate you pick shouldn’t be for punishing your puppy or as a “time out” corner; it should be large enough for him to turn around and stand in. The safety and comfort of your puppy should be on the top of your mind when getting one and because puppies rarely use their crate to potty, they can be left in the crate for 3 to 4 hours because they’ll learn to hold it in while they’re in their crate. Make him potty outside before putting him in the crate and the minute you return, take out to potty again as you’re letting him out of the crate.

Crate Training a puppy

To key factor that’ll enable your puppy to learn to alert you to his need to go potty are consistency and repetition. Taking him through the same door to the same area of your backyard each time you take him out to go potty will help teach him to go through that door anytime he wants to potty.

Potty pads (which are lined pads which carry a scent that puppies are attracted to when they want to go potty) can be a good inclusion in potty training your puppy. Drop a clean potty pad close to the door you want your puppy to use in alerting you to his need to potty.

You should use the word you desire your puppy to associate with going to potty every time he goes out to potty or when you’re expecting him to go potty. For instance, if “You’re a great puppy! Go potty there!” is the phrase you want, repeat that every time. He’ll quickly be trained to know what’s expected of him, which in this case, is to go to the appropriate spot to potty.

Lastly, since dogs have a desire to please their owners, he’ll be bound to repeat the very action that caused him to be loved and praised so whenever he goes to potty in the right area, praise him. Even in cases where he began going inside but you brought him out to potty, when he’s done, praise him for a great potty training session.


2 thoughts on “The Easiest Way to Potty Train a Puppy

  1. going to adopt 8 month old groodle that has had no training should i still apply the training if was small puppy have been told this little one is out of control but i wont give up on her all suggestions will take on board victoria

  2. Hello Victoria
    you would be best to consult with a trainer of older dogs who will be more of an expert than us in regard to training but the first step would be to establish yourself as the pack leader and then moving onto simple commands such as sit and stay. Once she starts to associate you with being fed etc, she will then look to you for guidance to how she can get more of what she wants. start slow and you can build your relationship with her from there. Contact a certified dog trainer in your area and I’m sure they will be glad to help guide you

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