What Are the Causes of Dogs Vomiting?

Fawn Puggle puppy enjoying the day

What Are the Causes of Dogs Vomiting?

Discovering the actual cause of vomiting, which is a common occurrence in dogs, can be quite tricky. The reasons or causes may range from the potentially fatal to the relatively harmless and factors to be considered include the severity, frequency and the presence of other added symptoms.

Isolated Cases

Your dog’s case of vomiting may be an isolated incident e.g. it’s possible your Puggle had too much food at once or perhaps ate too fast. You do not have any need for concern if your dog’s energy levels, bowel movements and appetite remain normal after it vomits. To prevent this problem, you may only need to reduce the amount of food you give your dog at once.

Severe Cases

The cause of your dog’s vomiting, if it is frequent and severe, could be a foreign object that was swallowed when digging through the garbage. It’s also possible that this object causing its intestinal obstruction may have been digested mistakenly, especially if your dog is an ardent chewer of random objects. You’ll be able to confirm if there’s a blockage through x-rays conducted by your vet. To prevent this kind of occurrences, carefully choose your dog’s toys leaving out any item that can be broken into bits and place your garbage cans in areas your dog can’t easily access and securely closed.

Chronic Cases

In cases of recurring or chronic vomiting, though infrequent, it may be that your dog is suffering from grave medical conditions like liver disease, stomach cancer or kidney failure. You should inform your vet of any histories or occurrences of dehydration, diarrhoea and lethargy, and any changes in frequencies of urination, thirst and appetite to enable the vet to make more accurate diagnoses.


The cause of vomiting determines the form of treatment. Home remedies can cater for mild upsets. Your dog may require antibiotics treatment in cases of viral or bacterial infections. Bland, starchy foods like boiled potatoes or rice can help relieve nausea. Cancer would require chemotherapy or surgery which would also be required if it’s a foreign object causing an obstruction. Treatment of pancreatitis and kidney failure can be aided by dietary changes.


Your dog may be experiencing a life-threatening emergency when it has dry heaves, which is characterized by continual retching and there’s either very little or no food coming up at all. Unsuccessful vomiting, weakness, distended abdomen, pale gums are symptoms of bloat. This occurs on occasions where the stomach swells as a result of too much air, food and in some cases, fluid. This results in the stomach twisting, cutting off the supply of blood to vital organs leading to extreme pain. This can be very fatal in only a few hours and so requires immediate medical attention.


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