How to groom a Poochon

Grooming a Poochon

Poochons are a hybrid breed that combines the Poodle (usually toy but sometimes can be a miniature and a Bichon Frise. They are small dogs that resemble the Bichon with much more colour in their coat depending on the colour of the Poodle parent. The important thing to remember when grooming is that the Poochon’s coat is versatile and can be clipped like a Poodle or can be made frizzy and fluffy like a Bichon Frise. It’s all up to the owner as there are no set rules for this breed.

The more often the Poochon’s coat is brushed the less tangles and knots will build up in the coat. Clipping is the usual way to keep the coat tangle-free and lowers the amount of maintenance required significantly. A coat that is clipped short will not require much more regular maintenance than any other breed. How often you clip your dog’s coat is up to you and many owners find a length that they like the look of but is still very manageable.

Bathing is another part of the grooming requirements of a Poochon as with all other dogs, and this  non-shedding breed does not require any more baths than other breeds. In fact bathing a Poochon too often will strip all of the dog’s natural oils out of it’s coat and can leave the dkin dry and even itchy. Oat meal and emu oil shampoos work very well with non-shedding dogs and this breed is no exception. Once a month is the recommended frequency of baths but a dog living mainly indoors can be left for longer without bathing.

Steps to groom a Poochon

  1. Place the dog on a bench or other stable surface that is covered with a non-slip mat to minimise the chance of your dog accidentally falling off.
  2. You can reduce the static on your dog’s coat during brushing by spaying a bit of conditioner on the coat.
  3. Gently brush through the entire coat with a pin brush. It is important to brush all the way down to the skin with  Poochons as their wavy coat can have tangles close to the skin that can be missed with just a light surface brushing. This is the reason why pin brushed work so much better than slicker brushes for dogs with this type of coat.
  4. To ensure that the whole dog is groomed properly, it is important to work systematically. Start with the legs and work your way to the chest then up to the head and then down the body until you finish at the dog’s tail.
  5. The style you choose is up to you but if you want the classic pom pom look of the Poodle or even if you just want to clip the coat to a shorter length, you should use a set of electric clippers to make the job faster as well as safer for your dog. One tip is to start at the head (unless this is the first time the dog is being clipped) and work your way to the tail so that your dog is likely to be more tolerant of the grooming process in the beginning of the session.
  6. After all the clipping is done, use a warm wet cloth to wipe away as much excess tear staining as possible.
  7. You can now bathe your Poochon as normal and towel dry at the end to remove as much excess water before blow drying the coat to both completely dry it and to remove any remaining hair that was clipped off but remained in the coat.

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