5 tips for bath time fun with your Beaglier puppy

How to make a bath fun for your Beaglier

Regardless of whether you’re bathing a puppy or adult dog, it is always important to start positive new experiences as early as possible.

Chevormist tricolour Beaglier puppy on a sunny day

However, even if they are adults or still babies, it is not right to just toss them right into the tub full of water. You need to develop a strategy and create a plan so your pet will enjoy bath time for life. Regardless of whether your designer dog is a Beaglier with a short coat or a Cavoodle with a longer coat, you will still need to bath your dog from time to time.

Associate Bath Time with Playtime

You can give toys and play with your pet so he will associate bath time with play time. Bring in his favorite toys into the bathroom and teach them that they don’t need to be scared of the bathroom.

Remember, pets are like kids and they would want to have fun while taking their bath. You can try toys where treats can be hidden and put them on the tub. It would be great if you have treats that can sweeten the pet’s breath and clean their teeth while they are in the bath.

The right water temperature for puppy bath

Puppies are extremely sensitive to extreme temperatures (hot or cold). Therefore, it is imperative that you use lukewarm water so that their sensitive skin won’t get burned. For first time bathing, cold water can come as a surprise and hot water is outright dangerous. The water should be a comfortable temperature for you to keep your wrist in the water.

Have something for them to cling to

It is not necessary for you to use floating devices that are famous when teaching youngsters how to swim. For puppies who are going to bath for the first time, they will slide and scrabble off the porcelain tub, which can make bathing traumatic.

You can prepare a non-slip mat that the pet can cling onto to prevent them from sliding and scrambling around the tub. This way, bathing will not become traumatic and scary for them.

Use High Quality Bath Products

Fortunately, there are many high quality pet bath products available in the market today. Get your pet high quality essentials like conditioners, shampoos and spritzers, which are organically made using quality ingredients.

It doesn’t have to cost you much because you can still find high quality products at reasonable prices.

Give Your Pet Treats

You should always give your pets a healthy treat before, during and after bath time. You can give him homemade, organic, deliciously healthy treats. It doesn’t have to be too expensive since you can find treats that are affordable and just a few here and there is all that is needed.

So, there are five useful tips in having fun with your pets during bath time. Remember, always find whatever works both for you and your pet to avoid getting any headaches during bath time.


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