Tips to Keep Your older Dog Healthy

The health requirements of a senior dog are different from those of younger dogs. The following tips should help you ensure your pet is healthy. Although Cavoodles are generally healthy dogs, they will still need extra care as they become senior citizens.

Chevromist chocolate Cavoodle puppy

Don’t Forget the Health Check-ups

Be sure to take your senior dog for regular visits with your veterinarian. It is highly recommended by most veterinarians that your dog gets examined twice yearly or more if your dog has any health issues that are serious. Serious health issues like kidney disease, heart disease, arthritis, dental disease can impact your pets comfort level and quality of life, and can be revealed as your vet thoroughly examines your pet.

Note Any Behavior Changes in Your Dog

Carefully monitoring your dog’s behavior is doubly important for your senior dog. Any observed change in the behaviour of your older dog can be a sign of or a symptom of a disease. You should carefully monitor changes in habits like water consumption and appetite, alterations in sleep habits, bowel and urinary habits etc. Sudden irritation without cause may be the result of pain your dog is going through, or visual or hearing difficulties. Consult your vet whenever there are any changes in your senior pet’s behaviours or routines.

Make it Easier for Your Dog to Get Around

Due to health issues including arthritis, your senior dog may find it quite difficult to get around as he/she did when he/she was a lot younger. You should therefore provide ramps on stairs to enable your dog to gain access to beds or furniture, but also to go up and down stairs with ease. Put carpeting on floors that are slippery to allow your dog to gain its footing. Your dog may also require some assistance getting in and out of the car too.

Choose an Age-Appropriate Diet for Your Dog

Offer your senior dog pet foods that are appropriate for its age, since its dietary requirements will likely change as it ages. Older pets that tend to gain weight may require pet foods for dogs that are less active. There are those dogs that tend to lose weight easily and will require diets with better palatability or a higher calorie content. Through diets, some of the diseases that older pets have may be controlled, or at least manipulated, so, based on your dog’s nutritional requirements, your vet can aid you in choosing a proper diet for your dog.

Modify Your Dog’s Bed

Our senior dogs will get better rest and sleep with soft blankets and towels provided for his bed or with orthopaedic beds designed for senior dogs. These beds provide a denser form that will cushion the senior dog’s aging joints and some can also be outfitted with a vibration and/or heat source to reduce stiffness and increase circulation, making them great for dogs experiencing arthritis.

The photo of this Chocolate Cavoodle puppy was provided by Chevromist Kennels.


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