Care of Puggle puppies after minor surgery

I will give a basic guideline of the care you will be required to give for your puppy after they have had minor surgery such as a repair of a cherry eye or small hernia repair. It is always best to consult your veterinarian once the surgery has been carried out on your Puggle puppy as they are the ones who have performed the operation and know the particulars of your pet.

Chevromist fawn Puggle puppy on the baby blanket

Surgery requiring sutures

If your pet has sutures present after surgery then there are 2 options. If they are dissolvable stitches then there is usually no need for you to return to your veterinarian to have them removed as they will breakdown on their own and either fall out by themselves if they are external or be absorbed by your pet if they are internal. Sutures that are not dissolvable will need to be taken out after about 10 to 14 days after your puppy’s procedure. Your vet or their nurse will usually make an appointment for you when you collect your puppy, but ensure that you do have an appointment before you leave the clinic.

Feeding your puppy after they have had minor surgery

Usually your puppy will be able to have a small meal about 6 to 7 hours after you pick them up from the vet clinic. As tempting as it is to give your puppy lots of treats to make them feel better after their surgery as we do with a human friend or relative that has minor surgery, your puppy should be fed a small meal of its normal diet.

Monitoring your puppy after minor surgery

It is extremely important to closely monitor your puppy for the next 24 hours after you get them home to watch for signs that they are not recovering from their surgery. It is common for puppies to vomit after surgery as many of the medications used in surgical procedures can make them feel sick. If your puppy continues to vomit, continues to look unwell or seems to look worse than when you collected them from the vet clinic, you need to call the vet to ask their advice on what you need to do. This is why you should keep your vet’s number in a handy location at home or in your phone.

Looking after your puppy’s wound after minor surgery

Whether or not your puppy has stitches that you can see, it is very important that you keep the wound and the area surrounding the wound clean and dry. Do not bath your puppy or take them swimming for 10 to 14 days after their procedure or until the sutures are removed (if they are non-dissolvable). It is extremely important to monitor your puppy’s actions toward their wound because if they continually lick, chew, or rub at the stitches, the wound can break down and/or get infected. Call your vet if your puppy is doing any of these things as they may need to have an Elizabethan collar put on to stop them aggravating their wound. An Elizabethan Collar looks like a bucket has been placed over your puppy’s head.

Exercise for your puppy after minor surgery

It is best not to walk your puppy for the first week after their procedure and then short gentle walks for the next week after that unless advised otherwise by your vet. You can then gradually build up the length and intensity of your puppies exercise gradually to the point that they were up to before their operation.


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