7 Home remedies for treating common conditions in dogs

7 Homemade Remedies for dog health

If you’re not feeling entirely well, the best thing that can treat your ailment can often be found in the kitchen. Fortunately, the same can be said about treating your dog’s ailments as well. Here we will discuss natural home remedies that you can use for your dog to get better and healthy again –

Apricot Cavoodle puppy gazing into the distance

#1 Homemade remedy for dry skin in dogs

To prevent age lines from showing on your face, you can use Vitamin E supplements. The same supplement can help alleviate the dry condition of your dog’s skin. A doggy massage involving a Vitamin E oil applied directly on the skin would be definitely beneficial for your dog (and probably enjoyed!). The same is true when you bath your dog with vitamin E added to warm water or you can give your dog vitamin E tablets. It is recommended that you consult your vet first about the right dose to give your dog.

Many of the designer dog breeds that have a Poodle in their background such as Cavoodles and Groodles, can often have a little dry skin in their first few months of life that is akin to cradle cap in human babies. This will usually go away by itself by the time the puppies are a few months old but adding a drop or two of olive oil to their diet can speed up this process.

Chevromist Kennels Groodle puppy (Poodle (Mini or Standard size X Golden Retriever)

#2 Homemade remedy for dehydration in dogs

Electrolyte-replacing fluids that are flavorless like sports and pediatric beverages not only help athletes and babies replenish lost fluids for rehydration but can also help replenish the fluid in your dog’s body after suffering from vomiting or diarrhea. Seek the opinion of your veterinarian before you administer this kind of fluid to your dog to determine the correct dosage and to explore the cause of the diahorea or vomiting.

#3 Homemade remedy for digestive health in dogs

Plain yogurt could be a healthy snack for your dog in the same way that it is healthy for humans. The live acidophilus contained in yogurts helps maintain good bacteria balance within your dog’s intestines and prevent the proliferation of yeast especially during antibiotic treatment. Additionally, you can also let your dog take acidophilus pills wrapped in bacon but this is up to you.

Puppies are tend to be most vulnerable to yeast infections so plain yogurt is an ideal snack or dessert to keep things in good balance. It is important in building the immunity of the dog’s intestinal system but only give in small amounts at a time as many puppies are lactose intolerant.

#4 Homemade remedy for dogs with a tummy upset or skin irritation

You can use chamomile tea to settle upset stomach in dogs. The chamomile plant has natural disinfecting effects, which is recommended for anxiety, gas and colic as well as minor skin irritation. Prepare a solution, which you can chill in the refrigerator, to spray on the dog’s affected skin directly. The dog will feel the soothing effects almost immediately since the chilled chamomile tea can kill yeast and bacteria. Also, a warm tea bag can be used for irritated or infected eyes.

#5 Homemade remedy for itchy skin in dogs

A dog’s itching habits can become quite annoying to us if he scratches on all pieces of furniture within his reach, but the itchy skin will drive him crazy. You can use a finely ground oatmeal to provide a remedy to irritated skin. It can be a baby oatmeal cereal or one that you’ve grinded yourself in a food processor. Mix the oatmeal in a bath of warm water where your dog can soak up the mixture in his coat. This is ideal for dogs with infections, allergy of the skin and other conditions that cause itchiness.

#6 Homemade remedy for wounds on dogs

There will be times when dogs will suffer wounds and at rare times get unexplained swelling because of their activities. Epsom salt soaks and heat or ice packs can be applied to these ailments. Bathing your dog with an Epsom salt mixed in warm water can alleviate the swelling and increase healing especially when used in conjunction with antibiotics under veterinary guidance.

If you think it is impractical and inconvenient to bath your dog with Epsom salt twice a day, you can use a homemade heat pack instead and wrap it with clean towel soaked in warm water/Epsom salt solution.

#7 Homemade remedy for fleas

Borax powder can help get rid of fleas, which you can buy at any store. It works by poking holes in the parasite’s exoskeletons. It is best that you sprinkle borax powder on the floor while you sweep the excess to make sure that all fleas are annihilated. The remaining borax crystals will kill the fleas. Borax powder is inexpensive and less toxic compared to some other methods of killing dog fleas.

You can also try a lemon water solution because fleas are repelled by citrus. Therefore, it works as preventive solution and making your dog smell fresher and cleaner. This solution can be prepared by pouring boiling water on lemons and let them soak overnight. It can be applied over the entire dog’s skin by using a spray bottle, being careful not to spray your dog’s eyes.

You should always take care of your dog and keep an eye on their health on a day to day basis not only during days when they are not feeling well. If a problem persists, you do need to seek help from a veterinarian before an ailment becomes a welfare issue for your pet.


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