5 Ways to prevent fleas from infesting your dog

How to kill fleas on a dog

Chevromist Kennels Cavoodle puppy (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel X Poodle)Who doesn’t love spring and summer? It is the season of swimming, park Frisbee, taking your Groodle out for long walks (or your Cavoodle out for a shorter walk) – which makes it all the more appealing to everyone. However, it is also the high season of dog fleas, which are blood-sucking parasites that are not only creepy and ugly but can also cause serious diseases to your dog. Here are few tips to prevent dog flea infestation –

Spot Flea Solutions

While it may seem as if spot solution would work only on applied spots, they are efficient in providing treatment for your dog’s whole body. The spot solution drop works via a translocation method, which the medication will spread via the body’s oil glands. Once it is on your dog’s coat for the specified time, it is not affected by bathing, rain or swimming and can prevent as well as kill dog fleas for a number of weeks before it is due for reapplication. While using this treatment, it can provide interruption to the life cycle of fleas. However, it is important that you carefully choose which spot solution is appropriate for your pet’s size and age.

Oral drugs to kill fleas

For serious conditions on flea infestation, you can control this by using oral drugs in congruence to spot solutions. Oral drugs can be taken once a month, which are available in small tablets, to interrupt the fleas’ life cycle. However, some may not kill adult fleas in the environment at all therefore it is important that spot solutions are used along with it. Some oral drugs are taken easily by dogs especially those with flavors dogs like or you can add the drug in your dog’s food. Oral drugs are safe for dogs around kids even after administration.

Anti-Flea Shampoos

Chevromist Kennels Groodle puppy (Poodle (Mini or Standard size X Golden Retriever)

There are anti-flea shampoos available in the market today, which are specially formulated to kill fleas and ticks upon application. It is an inexpensive way of protecting your dog from fleas all year round. The process may be laborious and requires once every two weeks application but compared to other medications it is one of the most affordable.

Flea Sprays and Powders

Another inexpensive method of preventing and killing fleas is sprays and powders. However, you need to practice precautions during product application because they can be lung or mouth irritants not only to your pet but to you, as well. Apply it with caution around sensitive areas such as the mouth, nose and eyes. The frequency of applying these products is more often than spot solutions since it only stays on the skin for a shorter period of time. Always check the product labels before you use flea sprays and powders.

Using flea dips

A flea dip is a concentrated formula that requires water dilution prior to application on the fur of the animal. Many of these dips are being phased out in favor of spot on treatments or shampoos due to being quite toxic. The formula can have high toxicity so you need to read and understand product labels properly so you can determine the right dosage that promotes the dog’s health. Nonetheless, improper use of dips can result to toxic effects both for you and your pet so it is only ideal for serious flea infestation and must be applied infrequently. Due the toxicity of dips, they must not be applied to puppies and pregnant or nursing dogs. You should also consult your vet before you treat puppies or pregnant and nursing dogs prior to administration with any flea treatment.

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