Designer dog breeds

The Designer breeds that are listed on this website are purpose bred to be family companions. They are not bred to have excellent hunting, herding, killing, guarding or speed characteristics. They are bred solely for the purpose of providing companionship and enjoyment to their owners. Many traditional breeds have been developed and bred to do a particular job such as herding, hunting or fighting. The qualities that have given some dog breeds an advantage in performing these jobs, such as aggression or enormous desire to chase and catch other animals can be a huge disadvantage to the ability of these dogs to live with families in a suburban setting. Designer breeds that are derived from hunting breeds such as the Jack Russell in the case of the Jug have all but lost the ability to perform their hunting role as the focus of the breeders has been to breed family companions rather than hunting companions. Although Designer breeds don’t make good hunting or guarding dogs, they are still dogs and part of those desires still remain. This can be seen and taken advantage of by their new owners to their benefit, such as teaching and playing fun games like fetch (hunting instinct derivative) as well as making good watchdogs when alerting the family to visitors to the family home.

Help when choosing a Designer dog breed suitable for your family.

It can be difficult when trying to decide which Designer dog breed is suitable for your family and lifestyle. This can become even more frustrating and confusing as breeders of a particular breed will obviously think that their chosen breed wins out over any other breed, Designer or traditional, otherwise they would breed a different breed!! The solution may be to speak with someone who has experience with many of the different breeds and is knowledgeable about the differences between the breeds. One of the most helpful and reliable resources that we have had when building this site and most importantly choosing our dogs that we love to bits, was the agency Chevromist Kennels. They are a breeder and agency that has decades of experience in placing puppies of both Designer breeds and traditional breeds into loving homes in both Australia where they are based and also all over the world. They screen and work with a large number of reputable, ethical breeders and were able to provide us with our puppies and provided much helpful and up to date information, even to experienced dog owners and breeders like ourselves in a professional and friendly manner. We would highly recommend Chevromist Kennels to anyone who is looking for a Designer or purebred puppy as a first port of call when trying to find their family companion dog and this is evidenced by the continual stream of families who have obviously had the same experience as we have had on their testimonial page.

Which breed is best suited to your family?

There are many different Designer breeds as there are many different owners of dogs from single and active people who want a dog like a Spoodle that seems to have unlimited energy to older people who lead a less active life and want a small low to non shedding dog to keep them company while watching TV such as a Moodle or Maltese Shih Tzu. Then there are the families in between who want a dog active enough to join the family on walks and outings, but likes to settle down in the evening to lie about while the family are indoors such as the Beaglier, Puggle, Labradoodle, Cavoodle or Groodle. Even in this group there are small breeds such as the Cavoodles, Beaglier and Puggles or larger dog breeds such as Labradoodles and Groodles.

Shedding and non shedding Designer dog breeds.

Many Designer dog breeds are low to non-shedding which is a huge positive to many families looking for a new puppy to join their family. For some families that have heavy shedding dog breeds such as Labrador or Golden Retrievers or have had heavy shedding dogs in the past the low to non shedding Designer dog breeds such as Labradoodles and Groodles can seem like a godsend! Not all Designer breeds are non-shedding breeds such as the Puggle, Beaglier or Pugalier. Although they will shed, Beagliers, Puggles and other Designer breeds will not need to be clipped and have minimal grooming requirements due to their short and slick coats. Many families do prefer these short coated breeds to their curly cousins due to the reduced grooming requirements.

Low allergy Designer dog breeds?

Many of the low to non shedding Designer breeds such as Cavoodles, Labradoodles and Groodles have individuals that are hypoallergenic but allergies vary between people and one individual’s allergic reaction (or lack thereof) to a particular dog may not be the same for another person who is also allergic to dogs. It is impossible to absolutely guarantee that any particular dog will not cause an allergic reaction in a particular person, but these low to non-shedding Designer breeds such as Cavoodles, Labradoodles and Groodles have been wildly successful with people who have had allergic reactions to dogs in the past.

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