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Below are some of the questions we get asked by readers of this blog.

Dog QuestionsWe do email our answers back to the person asking so if you have a question please send it to us via the question box (scroll down and it is to the left of the screen) and we will do our best to help you out as much as possible.

We are happy to answer any dog question, not just about designer dogs but our knowledge is greatest when it comes to Designer Dog Breeds.

We are searching for a brindle pug x caboodle pup. Can you help.? Steve

Hello Steve,

That is not a common cross(Pug X Cavoodle) but the Pug X Cavalier is the Pugalier and they make great little dogs with loads of character that act like little clowns!

If you are in Australia you can try Chevromist Kennels at and they may have a litter available or coming up

Hello – hoping you can help! We are looking for a dog to suit a family of 4 (2 kids who are 8 and 6). we are interested in the Groodle, labradoodle and the bichpoo. wanting a dog that comes to roughly knee height, friendly, non sheding. Good 1st pet!!! please help as we are quite confused as to which bread to choose. many thanks rachel

Hello Rachel,

All of these breeds make great first dogs as they are easy going and adapt to family life really well. There are differences in each of the breeds of course

The Bichpoo or Poochon will be a bit smaller than knee height and is more of a toy size dog. If you want a a knee height size in a Groodle or Labradoodle the best size is a mini (about 35 – 45cm tall at the shoulder)

If you are in Australia you can try Chevromist Kennels at and they may have a litters available or coming up. They also have notification lists for each of the breeds they have so they can let you know when they have litters available before they advertise them. They would be perfect to help you out as they have experience with a range of breeds and can take the time to evaluate your situation to guide you to the best breed to suit your needs

Hello do moodles shed hair? Thanks Carol

Hello Carol,

First generation Moodles are usually non-shedding. First generation Moodles are the pups from a Maltese parent and a Poodle parent.

My husband and I love to walk and want a schnoodle. Do you know of any kennels who run guardian dog programs. I am a retired nurse and would love to be involved. thanks margaret

Hello Margaret,

By guardian dog program I assume that you mean a program where breeders house their future breeding dogs with guardians to look after them until they are ready to be bred with.

Most Schnoodle breeders breed first generation Schnoodles and have a Schnauzer mum and a Poodle dad. So when they are looking for guardian homes for their dogs they want a family to house their Schnauzer females. If you wanted a Schnauzer or other mum of another breed typically chosen for first generation dogs such as Cavaliers for Cavoodles or Beagles for Beagliers or Puggles, they would be a bit more common.

I do not know of any breeders with a current guardian program at the moment but you can try to contact breeders directly to see what they are planning in the future. They may also know of other breeders who do have a program in place or are looking for host families for one of their breeding dogs.

How long do Spoodles (Cockerpoos) live for?

Spoodles have a life expectancy of about 15 years old if they are properly cared for. Allowing your Spoodle to become obese will dramatically shorten their lifespan. 15 years assumes that your Spoodle comes from healthy parents, so make sure that your Spoodle breeder has DNA health screened the parent before breeding to give your Spoodle puppy the greatest chance of living a long and healthy life.

Interested in getting a Cavoodle. Could you please advise recommended breeders in NSW and explain what a puppy farm is? Many thanks. Regards Samantha

Hello Samantha,

We could not give an opinion on any Cavoodle breeders in NSW as we have not gone out and personally visited any NSW Cavoodle breeders. We can recommend Chevromist Kennels as Cavoodle breeders that are based in Victoria as we are very happy with their breeding practices and the puppies they breed. Chevromist do fly their puppies to new families all over Australia including NSW and may be able to help you with a Cavoodle puppy to join your family.

The definition of a puppy farm is difficult to explain as the term “puppy farm” means different things to different people. The RSPCA describes a puppy farm as “An intensive dog breeding facility that fails to meet the needs of the dogs” and that conditions on a puppy farm include “Dogs kept in overcrowded and filthy environments. Breeding animals may be confined permanently in small cages, never being allowed out for a walk, to play or express normal behaviours.”  Unfortunately the scourge of these places can be on a small to large scale and can include any purebreed, designer breed or crossbreed. Many states around Australia have or are in the process of enacting tougher legislation to eradicate these terrible places, with Victoria leading the way with the world’s strictest dog breeding code of practice to get rid of puppy farms.

Health testing is a great way to measure the worth of a dog breeder and their dogs, as puppy farms care little for their dogs and puppies so will not undertake health screening such as DNA Health Testing, while great breeders will use every tool available to them (at great cost to themselves!) to only breed the healthiest dogs possible. The best advise we can give to avoid these places is to go with a dog breeder with a great reputation who has many happy new owners showing off their dogs.

Hi, I was just wondering if it is possible to breed a male toy cavoodle with a female pug ?What would be if any the health risks? Thanking you in advance, Gemma

Hello Gemma,
Chances are that your pug will need a cesarean section to give birth to the puppies that will most likely be larger that normal and the pups themselves would probably lack the features that the parents have. In short the puppies are likely to be heavy shedding dogs with shortish faces and unknown temperaments and health concerns. I would not recommend that you go ahead.

Sorry if that was not the answer you were looking for 😦

I live in brisbane Australia and i want to buy a physical book on Moodle puppy dog for christmas? Kelly 🙂

Hello Kelly,

All of our books are in a digital format so can be bought by clicking on their photos and going to the digital sale page. You will then be able to purchase the book online and have it delivered instantly to your email inbox 🙂 Thanks for your support

Does the Cavachon breed SNORE…..We had a Cavalier King Charles that kept us awake all night snoring. Hence the question before buying one. Thanks Clive

Hello Clive,

All dog breeds have the potential to snore, so finding a dog that does not snore based on breed might not work all that well. However, dogs with a shorter muzzle are far more likely to snore as are dogs that are overweight or even just getting older. Cavachons are not known for the being the snorers that Cavaliers are, as they have a longer muzzle. Hope that helps with your breed selection!