(Pug X Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

3 cheeky Pugalier puppies

Other names:

Cavapug, Puggalier, Puglier

Introducing the Pugalier:

4 Pugalier puppies photo 1

Photo courtesy of Chevromist Kennels http://www.chevromist.com

Pugaliers are a cross between a Pug and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  They have the basic appearance of a Pug but breeders have deliberately bred them to have a slightly longer nose to make breathing easier. With an easy going temperament and a gentle nature they are an obvious fit for many families looking for a small dog that looks quite different to all other breeds.

Description of the Pugalier:

3 fawn Pugalier puppies

Pugaliers have a look all of their own. Pugaliers have a skull shape that is similar to the Cavalier while still retaining the short muzzle of the Pug. Most breeders try to keep the muzzle of the Pugalier longer than that of the Pug to reduce the breathing issues of the ultra short muzzled Pug. Their ears are longer than those of a Pug due to the Cavalier Influence.  They grow to be larger than the Pug. Pugaliers have a reasonably long body that is similar to the Cavalier.

Temperament of the Pugalier:

2 fawn and a black Pugalier Puppy photo

Photo courtesy of Chevromist Kennels http://www.chevromist.com

Breeds don’t come much friendlier than the Pugalier.  Both the Pug and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel love their human families and that has been passed on to the Pugalier.  They are great with kids and get along well with other pets.

Pugalier Activity level:

3 Pugalier Puppies

Pugaliers are as affectionate and gentle as Cavaliers while being calmer than the Pug. Pugaliers have a very friendly disposition and love being around people. The Pugalier is an outgoing and inquisitive dog that is highly trusted around children.

Pugalier Colours:

2 fawn and one black and tan Pugalier Puppy

Photo courtesy of Chevromist Kennels http://www.chevromist.com

Pugaliers are most commonly found in shades of fawn, but black Pugaliers and also black and tan colour patterns can also be found. White markings can also occur on Pugaliers with either fawn or black colour patterns.

Grooming your Pugalier:

3 Pugalier Puppies one black, one black and white and a fawn

Coat length of the Pugalier is nearly always short but some dogs may have a slightly longer coat due to Cavalier influence. The amount of grooming required for a Pugalier will depend on the type of coat but both coat types require minimal brushing but those dogs with longer coats will need to be brushed more often than dogs with Pug like hair. Pugaliers, like all breeds with floppy ears, need to have their ears properly dried after their bath or swimming to avoid ear infections.

Training your Pugalier:

2 relaxed and one excited Pugalier puppies

2 relaxed and one excited Pugalier puppies

Pugs are not easily trained at all as they can be stubborn and independent. However the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel which makes up the other half of the Pugalier are a highly intelligent breed and this makes the Pugalier much easier to train. Early socialization and obedience are recommended for all Pugalier puppies as this will help your puppy get the basic idea that they will get what they want as soon as you are happy. Pugaliers do not respond to harsh or heavy-handed methods and training must be done with firmness, fairness, patience, and consistency. Some Pugalier puppy owners report that it can sometimes be difficult to keep their puppy’s attention for long periods of time so try to make training times short and fun.

Pugalier Size:

Pugaliers grow to between 30cm to 35cm at the shoulder as adults.

Pugalier Life Span:

10 – 13 years

2 adult Pugaliers and a Pugalier puppy

Photo courtesy of Chevromist Kennels http://www.chevromist.com

Finding Pugalier puppies for sale from Pugalier breeders

Pugaliers can still be classed as being fairly rare at this stage and locating a Pugalier breeder can be a little difficult but one of the best ways is to go through a breeders agent. They will have contact with many different breeders and will usually be informed first of when litters are planned or available. A reputable breeders agent will also be able to provide you with further information on the care of your Pugalier puppy as well as ensuring that the puppy has had the appropriate vaccinations, worming etc and is the right age to go to their new home. We have found Chevromist Kennels to be exemplary in their level of knowledge and service both before and after adopting a puppy and have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone wishing to adopt a Designer breed puppy. You can visit their website with photos of their beautiful puppies at www.chevromist.com

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