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Choosing the right dog breeder

Chevromist Kennels are our preferred option when looking for a designer breed puppy for a number of reasons. Below, we outline why they are our first choice, but we do have a few other breeders listed throughout our site who have also done exceptional work in breeding and raising outstanding dogs. Some of these breeders are also part of Chevromist’s network of leading designer dog breeders in Australia and have gone through their vetting process.

Basic Puppy Health

Apricot Cavoodle puppy gazing into the distanceWhen it comes to bringing a new puppy into your life, you want to be sure you are choosing a puppy from a reputable source. After all, the new puppy will grow up to be an adult that will not only share your home, but will also be part of your family. There are a myriad of questions that can go through your mind and let’s face it, buying a puppy is not something you do frequently.

Any puppy from any litter you are considering must have at least a basic health check by a veterinarian. The second box to tick is to ensure that the puppy has been vaccinated against 3 fatal diseases; Canine Distemper, Canine Hepatitis and most importantly of all Canine Parvovirus. Both of these basic requirements will come in the form of a certificate of vaccination from a registered veterinarian. A vaccination card will have the details of what vaccinations the dog has been given and on what date as well as the veterinarian who examined the puppy.

Have the puppies been wormed?

Tan and white Beaglier with his best foot forwardWorming is a requirement of a healthy puppy. Just being told that the dog has been wormed is not really good enough. Worming is carried out by the breeder at 2 week intervals during a young puppy’s life. The seller should have a list of dates for you as to when the dog was wormed. Signs of a puppy not wormed to look out for include a flat, dull coat and a puppy that is thin but has a large pot belly.


Chocolate wool coat Labradoodle puppyAny breeder serious about the ongoing care of the puppy they are selling will ensure that the dog has been microchipped. This is where the dog is implanted with a tiny microchip, that is about the size of a grain of rice, under the skin. The microchip has a 15 digit number unique to the dog and lets authorities know who owns the dog should it become lost. This is the quickest and safest way to ensure that the dog can always be returned to its owner. Please ensure the puppies for sale are microchipped prior to going home.

Health Guarantees

Chevromist Kennels Cavoodle puppy (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel X Poodle)Any reputable breeder will stand by the health of the puppies they produce and designer dog breeders are no exception to this. All reputable and responsible breeders offer some sort of health guarantee with their pups. The guarantee will vary from breeder to breeder but will usually be at least a week long for non-contagious conditions. Certain contagious diseases such as gastroenteritis and Parvovirus will normally have shorter guarantee lengths as the incubation periods are only 1 and 2 days respectively. It is crucial that you follow the instructions and requirements of any health guarantee offered with your puppy. These conditions are there to protect you and your puppy and will usually include things like the puppy’s diet and length of time to keep your new puppy away from other dogs or public areas.

What do the best breeders do?

Health Testing

Groodle puppyAlthough the good breeders will provide the basic items listed above, the best dog breeders will go the extra mile to ensure that their dogs are the best they can be. The best breeders will undertake genetic testing of the parent dogs in their breeding program for conditions such as Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). Besides the obvious health benefits, genetic testing for disease is one of the best signs of a great breeder. It indicates that the breeder has carefully considered which dogs they choose to include in their breeding program, and which not to breed from.

Puppy socialisation

Chevromist Kennels Puggle puppy (Pug X Beagle)The best breeders are proud of the pups they breed and have bred over the years. They will always have a list of people who have sent in photos and given feedback on the dogs they have taken into their homes and made part of their families. Feedback from new owners with dogs that have settled in well to their new homes, not only show that the breeder is legitimate, but are also a testament to the level of socialization provided to the pups. Well socialised puppies will settle in faster and better into their new homes than unsocialised pups.

Support for new owners

Cream Moodle puppy having a cuddleGreat dog breeders will also extend the length of the health guarantee they offer from the basic 7 days to much longer as they have full confidence in the dogs they breed.
The best breeders also know that taking a puppy home is a stressful time, for both the puppy of course, but also the new owner. Being able to contact the seller of a puppy is important should anything go wrong. Just being able to get reassurance is a major benefit to new owners. Do your best to find out if the seller of the puppies will be around to answer your question down the track should you need them. Unfortunately, a seller that is hard to reach and takes a long time to get back to you before you buy your puppy will likely to be even less likely to get back to you once you have paid for the dog.

Why we recommend Chevromist Kennels

Fawn Pugalier on a sunny dayChevromist Kennels far exceeds all the requirements for the minimum and best breeder as has been outlined above. They exceed these standards in a number of ways including guaranteeing their pups with a 4 month health guarantee. Chevromist Kennels provide a level of high level of service with all aspects of adopting a puppy that goes well beyond what would be expected. All new owners are supplied with a comprehensive information booklet to get them ready for the arrival and first few weeks of their new puppy. New owners also receive ongoing information along the way during the first year of dog ownership. Chevromist Kennels are also available to answer ongoing questions at any stage of the dog’s life.

Chevormist tricolour Beaglier puppy on a sunny dayChevromist Kennels only work with and represent other professional breeders who would fall into the best breeder category and have done so for many years. Chevromist Kennels have developed long standing relationships with some of the best breeders in Australia.
Add to this the constant stream of happy new owners of designer breed puppies on their website and social media makes Chevromist Kennels our preferred option for designer puppies.


11 thoughts on “Chevromist Kennels

  1. Hey guys I am not sure wether I contact you before or not I was recommended to you by a friend and got one from Chevromist kennels two years a go but I think it was caboodle puppies . But I am looking for a Moodle female and color of white with a bit of caramel I don’t what much lol😊😊I am ready to by September or October I was wondering if you can help me
    Angela long 🙂

  2. I have left you a message, I just need to say more. I lost my precious Angel 😇Lucy on Monday (Bichon Frise) she was 12 had cancer in her lungs
    I’m looking for poochon (baby girl)
    Thank You

  3. Hi I am looking for a female cavoodle. Love the photos of your puppies. Particularly love the tan and white with long ears like the cocker spaniel. Thanks for a great variety of photos of your pups. Glenda cheers

  4. Hey Glenda, thanks for checking out our site! We do recommend Chevromist Kennels if you are looking for a puppy of your own. They are really helpful and can help you decide which breed or puppy would suit you and your family best.

  5. Hey Elaine, thanks for checking out our site! We do recommend Chevromist Kennels if you are looking for a puppy of your own. They are really helpful and can help you decide which breed or puppy would suit you and your family best.

  6. Looking to purchase a retiring mum Moodle having lost my 15 yr old angel Moodle in October. Any suggestions or contacts please? Many thanks, Sandy

  7. Hello Sandra,
    Most Moodle breeders tend to breed first generation Moodles with mum being a Maltese. You can try to find a breeder who breeds second generation Moodles and ask if they have an older Moodle available but they are far and few between. We would recommend Chevromist Kennels if you are looking for a Moodle puppy as we have had great feedback from other people with their dogs. We also believe that they DNA health test their breeding dogs for more diseases than any other breeder.

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